Eleven Reasons You Should Become a Truck Driver

Posted on: July 10th, 2019 by | 1 Comment

From food, clothing, cars, livestock, fuel, furniture, and so much more, trucks carry the items Americans use and consume every day. If you’re thinking, should I be a truck driver? yes, you should be because long-haul truck drivers deliver products none of us can live without. Did you know that nearly 70 percent of all […]

Women Truck Drivers Will Save Trucking

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Women Progress Trucking Because of technological advancements and improvements in modern machinery, an over the road (OTR) trucker is an attractive profession. Drivers will experience quality training as well as have a dependable schedule and income. TanTara’s Minimum Driver Requirements are: Clean driving record with respect to accidents and traffic violations Must meet all D.O.T. […]

Eliminate Your Spare Tire by Being in the Driver’s Seat of Your Health

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  Like many jobs, being a truck driver has its risks that could lead to major health issues if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Similar to how you’re in charge of your truck, you’re in charge of your own health, so be in the driver’s seat on your own self-care. Care When You Need […]

Hamel Positions

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Why Choose TanTara Transportation Corp. If you want to drive for a company that treats their employees like family, TanTara Transportation Corp. is the right company for you. We greet you by name and make you feel welcome. It?is how we have treated everyone for the last 38 years. In addition to our competitive pay […]

Family Driven, Family Approved

Posted on: March 29th, 2019 by | No Comments

At TanTara, we are family oriented, so we believe time spent with your family is just as important as time spent on the road. Because we value our employees and their time, they enjoy coming to work. Our drivers are dedicated but they aren’t the only ones putting in hours of hard work; their spouses […]

Truck Driver Tax Season Tips Every Trucker Should Know

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Truck Driver Tax Deductions You don’t sit behind an office desk. You’re not on a factory floor. You don’t teach in classroom. And you’re not in a lab. No, your work location changes each and every day. Your workplace is your cab. And you’re always on the go. You’re a truck driver. Your truck is […]

Experienced Truck Drivers Needed

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TanTara Transportation is a great fit?for experienced drivers who are committed to their career and personal development. See if your skills and needs match TanTara’s standards. What are we looking for in prospective drivers? All experienced drivers should know and follow DOT and FMCSA regulations which is standard at all trucking companies. At TanTara, we […]

Flatbed Safety Tips All Truck Drivers Should Know

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The nature of your occupation may, at times, expose you to risks of injury that are often preventable. Nobody wants to be laid up in the hospital or at home, instead of doing your job and providing for yourself. You may roll your eyes at some of these obvious safety reminders, but if it sparks […]

Ten Tips for Truck Driver Safety in Winter

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Ten Tips for Truck Driver Safety in Winter Tis the season . . .? for wintry weather driving conditions. At TanTara, truck driver safety is very important and our drivers focus on safety during all four seasons. But we realize that winter driving requires extra care and planning. Whether you’re a long-haul driver or pulling […]

Flatbed Percentage Pay Program

Posted on: November 12th, 2018 by | No Comments

TanTara Transportation is very excited to introduce it’s NEW Flatbed Percentage Pay Program.   The trucking industry is very diverse in the?types of truck driver pay offered. Some companies offer Pay Per Mile, Stop Pay, Detention Pay, Experience Pay, Fuel and Safety Bonuses and?Accessorial Pay to name a few. Percentage of Load Pay is widely […]

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